Sunday 30 August 2009

Glow Worm

My record is nearly complete save the vocal exploits of my dad and my friend's girlfriend.

6 ridiculously intense weeks. This is the biggest and heaviest project I've ever undertaken and it has weighed accordingly. She's 11 tracks with full instrumentation and the whole experience has all but numbed my senses at countless points with sadness, excitement, fear, BBC News at noon, headaches, sandwiches, late night walks, the odd moment of joy and at two points, sheer blind panic when it genuinely appeared i'd lost everything i'd done on t'computer but each time, thank Fabregas, things started working again.

Week upon week i was peacefully alone with just the songs and the instruments - nonsensical vivid dreams most nights. Towards the end came a few days of despair when I'd heard everything too much and couldn't tell what was "good" any more, but after a long weekend i strapped on a pair and rode homewards - akin to those bits in them Rings films where everything seems lost but you just eat a piece of Litmus bread and plough on regardless.

I still haven't got the tracklisting right which is a real headache but the 11 songs are: In Communique, Second Base, For a Sleepless Friend, The Beginning of the End, Unfinished Business, My Virus Crown, Our Secret, Love With No Reason, Wheels, Glow Worm, Music of the Android Angel. Videos for 'In Communique' and 'Music of the Android Angel' are in pre-pre-production.

Last week consisted of checking the mixes on living room speakers, bedroom speakers, good headphones, shit headphones, car stereo, grandma's tv ("that sounds nice"), and at a couple of friends' houses.

The album is called 'Glow Worm' and it'll be initially released as a free download (for a limited period) on Monday 5th October.


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