Monday 1 June 2009

mental beef bank of shame

Over the last 7 days I have recorded the demo version of album 2. This time I am mixing it on computer. I recorded 11 songs in total and I think I averaged about 15 hours each day. 10am-7pm, food, then from 8pm-2am most nights mixing what I'd done during day. I've never worked so hard in my life and my finger nails grew and my asthma disappeared. 

I got completely annihilated last night to celebrate it's completion and now I feel horrendous.

Will listen to the tracks over the next 7 weeks and work out all improvements and changes that need to be made, then go in to record the blighter for real in August in Surrey, although we are recording the singles in a few weeks time in a 'proper mint studio' in London. Raj from Broken Stars has agreed to perform some vocals on 'Glow Worm' which I am particularly delighted about.

In other news, we had a blast at FOXFEST last Sunday, please vote for us to play at Green Man - my favourite festival, and check out this video of Steve and I performing 'Hey!' on Balcony TV last week.

This pic is courtesy of Flo who was at the Essen show last month:

This month I have mostly listened to Eels - "Beautiful Freak LP", Natalie Ross - "Trains Go Cha Cha EP", The Forest and the Fire EP (free to download from their myspace), Broken Stars LP, and Super Furry Animals - "Dark Days/Light Years".


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