Friday 28 January 2011

New Free Swim EP

This is the second EP from my new side-project Free Swim, which was basically just me spending 10 days over Christmas recording all the different instruments one at a time from the drums upwards, completely stream of consciousness, and with no planning whatsoever. It's like walking blind for the first few days but when it starts to come together it's lovely.

It's had some coverage on a couple of blogs so far, one describing Free Swim as "fast emerging as one of the most accomplished, interesting acts in the UK alternative music scene thanks to their very English blend of exciting power pop and eccentricity". Judge for yourself, it's free to download here.

We finished recording the drums on Wednesday for the new AA LP and we're spending the next three weeks mixing them and the bass guitar before a week at the end of February when I'll be doing a few new overdubs and all the other finishing touches. The end is in sight!

AA x

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